4 Fantastic Ways You Should Garden Vertically

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With the growing development all around, the space for planting trees has inadvertently reduced. Well, vertical gardening is the perfect solution to this. You can easily grow plants in a staircase fashion. Perhaps, even plants can be grown through the creeks of the outer wall. Thereby, taking no extra space. The plants being grown on elevated surfaces and even on the window sills. From hanging baskets to cans, this garden can fit in everywhere. This arrangement of gardening has a wide range of benefits.

Straightening Up The Gardening

Likewise, the vertical gardening can help in topping one flower pot being hung over the other. This can help to accumulate more plants in an extremely narrow place. This type of gardening method even helps to grow more veggies like tomatoes, beans and pumpkins very easily. With the creepers, vertical gardening looks all the more fantastical. All the more, the vertical hanging of plants can also help in increasing the aesthetic beauty of the place. Since, this non-horizontal mode uplifts the green beauty to the eye’s length.

We have collected four ideas to ensure happy vertical gardening:

1. Raise a wall

Yes! The most common and the easiest way to grow plants vertically is to plant them on a wall. To begin with, you need lots of flower pots. Try to keep the size of the pots, small, so as not to over burden the wall. Place the pots on the neatly cut wall spots. Remember to leave tiny holes at one corner of the bottom of the pot. This will help in aeration and excess water passage when placed in the summer. Try using petunias and colorful orchids on these walls.

Raise a wall

Bleeding heart vine like creepers can also be hung along the sides of the wall in long vertical strips. You can also cut open old plastic bottles and hang them on the wall. Even a couple of soda bottles can also be used to grown alocasia or ferns. Nowadays, new gardeners also have sided with coconut shells to grow herbs on these walls. It would be lovely to witness a green wall. These green walls have indeed, defined the entire process of urban gardening in a new fashion.

In between the pots or bottles, you can grow moss or some tiny grasses. However, maintaining these grasses is a bit difficult. As they require regular pruning.

2. Blossoming entrance

To accommodate more plants, you can grow them on arches or concentric circled entrances. Colorful bougainvillea, honeysuckle, Clematis and varieties of Roses are primarily the best ones to grow on arches. Perhaps, you can intwine creepers like Borlotti beans with Morning Glory to further enhance the look.

Blossoming entrance

It looks magnificent when the flowery creepers remain in full bloom. It is an absolute heavenly sight to behold. Researchers on this field, recommend vertical gardening to involve creepers like lemongrass, germanium, lavender, mint and Rosemary for ornamental screens. Technically, these plants are termed as green facades.

The researchers have also advised to grow edible creepers on arches. However, these latter arches should not be much higher.

3. Putting windows to use

Vertical gardening involves probably all part of architecture. Likewise, the broad-based windows can be used to accommodate straw baskets. In those hanging baskets, you can easily grow jasmine, sunflowers and roses. Recent experiments reveal that growing vegetables are more convenient and useful than other plants.

Putting windows to use

One can easily grow cherry tomatoes in the window sill apart from strawberry shrubs and peas. Carrots can also be grown in the window sills but it requires regular watering. If you happen to possess rectangular windows, you can also let a creeper like flame vine to grow along the sides.

4. Culturing herbs

Herbs have obviously become a daily requirement in the food. So, growing it in your home can definitely help. That to with minimal sweat and space. One of the finest advantages of vertical gardening is hydroponic method. This means plants can be grown solely on water. Herbs like basil and oregano can be easily grown via this hydroponic method in a short wooden staircase. These can be grown in the kitchen itself.

Culturing herbs

With the modernistic schedule taking a toll over people, tending to a garden has become very difficult. The most important thing obviously about vertical gardening is that even without much care, the plants can still grow. All the more, growing medicinal plants can also be grown in this method. The members of the vertical gardening involve in filtrating the air.

Thereby increasing health. Well, if you are thinking about culturing organic farming in small pockets, then do try this out. From ornamental bushes to flowery hedges, this gardening is packed with all sorts of beauties. Do try the above-mentioned ideas of transforming your garden. Do not forget to let us know how your newly styled vertical gardening looks like.


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