7 Important Facts To Grow ZZ Plants

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In this era of Instagram posts and Facebook likes, ZZ plants have grown to be very famous. The full name of ZZ is Zamioculcas zamiifolia. The broad thick leaves and the glossy texture has attracted many eyes. They look like wand like structures with bulbous base tapering to a point at top. These plants can easily sustain themselves without regular watering. In other words, they are drought-resistant plants. ZZ plants have been used commercially. They are used as air purifiers. They can easily absorb the dangerous chemical elements in the air like xylene and renders it pure. Let us look further how to grow your personalized ZZ plant.

Grow ZZ Plants

Important facts to help you grow ZZ Plant

Requirements to grow ZZ plants-

Light:  – ZZ plants don’t require strong sunlight. They usually grow well in moderate, indirect sunlight. If placed in direct sunlight for long, its leaves tend to curl in opposite direction. So do remember to place your plant away from direct sunlight. You can even grow ZZ plant using fluorescent lamps. Therefore, ZZ plants are a perfect fit for your closed office rooms.

Water: – ZZ plants don’t require too much of water. They usually prefer well drained surface. So, remember to check that the soil is dry before you water it again. If you let your plant sit in water for too long, it may lead to rotting of your roots. ZZ plants can even survive long without water, but adequate water helps your plant grow better and faster. Remember, ZZ plant tends to die more often due to root rotting than under water issues.

Temperature: – ZZ plants usually prefer humid environment. They can also grow in dry weather. But if the weather is too dry, remember to mist your plant occasionally. A temperature range of 65-degree Fahrenheit to 75-degree Fahrenheit is usually preferred. If you have ZZ plant in your closed office, don’t place it close to your air vent. Cool air from conditioning vent will lead to stunted growth in your plant.

Requirements to grow ZZ plants

Basic care required to grow ZZ plants-

Cultivating: – The best way of cultivating or propagating ZZ plant is to plant grown stem in water. Once you have planted the stem in water, you have to wait for the roots to grow. Apart from this there is another way in which you need to divide the plant. In this second method you have to divide your plant into two or three parts and grow each part individually. But this method cannot be done repeatedly as ZZ plants grow very slowly.

Pruning: – ZZ plants don’t require much of pruning and trimming. They appear to be very plastic in nature and tend to maintain the nature too. So, you just need to remove yellow leaves if any or cut off any unwanted growth of stem. Do remember, ZZ plants are very toxic in nature, so wear gloves while tending to them.

Fertilizing: – ZZ plants don’t require much care. They don’t even require much fertilizers. Try fertilizing ZZ plant using diluted liquid fertilizer for example 20-20-20. Remember not to over fertilize your plant.

Transferring: – Transferring or repotting your ZZ plant is usually not required. If it out grows your current pot then only plan to repot. Choose an appropriate pot for your plant. It should be bigger than your plant and should have proper drainage system. You don’t want to over water your ZZ plant as it will spoil the roots. Carefully remove the plant from its old pot. Remember to wear gloves and take precautionary measures as it is a poisonous plant. Try and repot your ZZ plant in spring as it grows at a steady pace then.

Basic care required to grow ZZ plants


The ZZ plants are very easy to grow, so you can easily introduce them to your home and office. These plants do not grow very tall. ZZ plants hence tend to occupy a small space thus doesn’t cause and inconvenience. In whichever corner these plants are placed, they heighten the aesthetic beauty and add a touch of lovely refreshing green. The only disadvantage of these plants is that its parts are extremely toxic and dangerous. ZZ plant contains calcium oxalate crystals. Owing to this, touching ZZ plant may lead to skin and stomach ailments which can be very serious. So, when you bring home this plant, remember to cover your hands before caring for it. Do not allow your kids or your pets to touch or play with the leaves. You may have to choose an appropriate corner to limit person movement near the plant.

Following all the safety and preventive measures, try to grow ZZ plant. Hopefully these steps will help you to grow a lively ZZ plant of your choice in your garden.