Planting, Pruning And Cutting: 4 Major Tips To Remember

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The veterans in gardening believe gardens have the inherent quality to grow itself. To briefly describe, it means the garden can easily expand via its own ingredients. Likewise, via planting, pruning and cutting can evolve the garden into a heaven on earth. Undoubtedly, grafting and bulb planting also helps in expanding the growth of respective plants from the mother plant. Herein, we have gathered 7 major tips for planting, pruning and cutting. These tips will definitely try to simplify the process of making your green patch of land even more beautiful.

Let us look at the 7 major tips for planting, pruning and cutting.

Major tips for planting

1. The major tip to remember while planting your green friends

Before planting, firstly double-check the soil texture. Check the water retaining capacity, presence of stones and pebbles and whether the soil is porous (for proper aeration facility) or not. If you are planting on the bare ground, then dig the ground at least up to half of the height of the plant. For flower pots or other planters, leave a layer of soil at the bottom. Then, plant the respective grafted stem or the plant itself. According to your climatic conditions, choose the flower pots. If you reside somewhere near the Equator, try not to use deep coloured pots. They tend to extensively heat the roots. This will in turn kill the plant in a very short time.

The major tip to remember while planting your green friends

Simply, planting the desired plants, does not finish the task. You should also know when and how to water them right after the planting. If you plan to plant, Agave or Opuntia, then remember not to water it often. The broader the leaves of the plant, the lesser the water they require.

2. Find the perfect time to start pruning

Likewise, some plants require pruning at the onset of the chilly winters. However, certain other flowers welcome pruning in the blossoming spring. Before understanding when to prune, you should first understand, where to prune. It is always advised to start the pruning of the dead and decayed branches. Even the branches or the leaves which are infected with diseases or are drying up at a faster rate, should be chopped off.

While pruning, remembers to never to continue with the process when you see accumulated water over the branches. If you happen to chop off such wet parts, them via water, the disease might get circulated into the sap of the plant.

Find the perfect time to start pruning

Plants like roses, require pruning during the spring time. This spring time pruning helps them bear bigger flowers and stronger shoots. You can also prune holly firethorn in the spring and give it a dome-shaped look. Concentric holly firethorns look beautiful just after a fresh pruning. Even, the varied coloured hydrangea can also be pruned in the spring to give it a lovely bushy texture. However, on the other hand, white and yellow pinwheel happen to welcome pruning in the winter.

3. Cutting trees with care

Do not hack down trees unnecessarily. Herein, we have mentioned the varied checkpoints to look at before cutting a tree. Likewise, do not chop off all the branches of the plant at a time. If the tree shows even the minutest growth or new leaves on the branches, then let the plant be. Cutting all the branches at a time, will kill the plant very early.

Cutting trees with care

All the more, if you need to cut an already dead tree, then never cut it from the roots. Try to chop off a part of the tree from the bottommost line of attachment so as not to blunt the saw chains.

4. The important tips to prune ornamental plants

Every garden possesses a wide range of ornamental plants. It is needless to say that even these beauties require regular pruning. You can use pruning saws or by bass pruners to prune the ornamental plants either just before the flowering season or before the fall. Likewise, if you are pruning the smoke tree, try to prune it before the spring and only go for topiary pruning. Japanese Maple and Star Magnolia can be pruned only after the flowering season. This latter pruning gives a good shape and also protects their V shaped branches from wintry storms etc.

The important tips to prune ornamental plants


Gardening seems to be an easy task at the superficial level. Well then, by now you must have realized, it deals in a huge range of technicalities. However, amidst such tips, you should have already understood that if you are in love with greens, no task is difficult. These selected tips for planting, pruning and cutting are not at all time taking, all they need is a tinge of being alert.

Hopefully, these tips will also extensively expand your garden and continue to spread its magic.