7 Most Amazing Ways To Plant Roses

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From Flower carpet coral to All the rage, and from Beach rose to Oso Happy Smoothie Rose, the varieties of roses available is huge. The family of roses is undoubtedly overwhelming. To begin with, growing roses is not a complicate task at all. However, while planting, you ought to keep in mind some of the basics, like the soil, the best season and also the manure which needs to be used. The best time to grow these beauties are in the spring. Some gardeners also love to grow roses in the autumn.

The prolonged autumns provide a proper and a comfortable period for the roots to grow before the winter sets in. If you see, generally roses are not plants that consume long periods to grow and bloom. Most of the roses reach their maximum height and growth by a couple of years. With the minimalistic care, a rose plant can easily survive a decade like the tea roses or the snowdrifts. If the gardener wishes to extend intensive care to the plants, some sturdier varieties can also end up living up to forty to fifty years.

Most Amazing Ways To Plant Roses

To help you plant roses in your garden, we have collected the loveliest ways and steps to do so.

The 7 most basic steps to plant roses in your garden

Find the perfect spot to grow the roses

The sunniest and the brightest patch in your garden should be allotted for growing roses. Since, roses need a long period of sunlight, hence, the sunnier, the better. However, having found the sunniest spot, remember not to expose the roses to too much scorching heat. The intense might make the leaves and the flowers wilt very soon. All the more, at the initial stage, try not to expose the plant to long hours of bright sunlight.

Find the perfect spot to grow the roses

Techniques in preparing the soil

Roses do not like to have wet or soggy soils; although moist soils are prepared. The soil ought to be rich in organic matter and should be loose. The soil should be tilled properly so as to facilitate proper aeration. Roses are sturdy plants; hence the roots are very strong. So, the soil should be infused with regular doses of organic matter to maintain healthy roots.

Prepare the mulch

The best mulch to be provided to the roses is a mix of fallen and dried leaves, the leftover tea and coffee grounds. Even the cut grass clippings after having mowed your lawn can also be used in the mulch. You can also use Epsom salt at the roots of the rose plants. This product helps to increase the nitrogen intake of the plant and helps in growing healthier flowers. They also help in making the plant more resistant to diseases and facilitates better seed germination.

The rose plants usually enjoy mulch of at least two to three inches of height (from the soil surface).

Use either a cutting or rose roots

For planting roses, the best method is to obtain cuttings from the mother plants. They ought to be of twelve to thirteen inches of height. You can also use roots for the same purpose.

Use either a cutting or rose roots

Remember these tips while watering

The roses being hardy plants, can survive without regular watering. Watering twice or thrice is perfect for these plants. Never sprinkle water on the leaves. Try not to flood the roots. this can cause clogging of the roots or rotting of the roots.

Doubly check to ward off the pests (if any)

Usually, these plants happen to be disease resistant. However, it is always wise to be doubly sure. Sprinkled water on the leaves can invite fungus, so refrain from doing so. At times, you might see the unusual fading of the leaves and growth of weak roots. To cure this, try to chop off the affected parts and spray decomposed rice water at the roots.

Regular pruning and trimming

Roses love to expand and grow in a branched fashion. To keep the rose bushes in shape, they need proper trimming once in two weeks. While pruning, keep in mind not to chop off the growth tips. At the end of the flowering season, you can also go for extreme pruning to avoid pruning sessions up till the spring.

Regular pruning and trimming


Since, no one can turn their eyes off the roses, hence it is always good to welcome them in the garden. The roses within weeks will increase more frequent visits of the pollinators. Its sweet scent and deep colours will soon cast an enchanting spell over the garden. Roses being easy to grow, should be planted with no second thought whatsoever. Moreover, the propagation of roses via grafting and cutting is also equally easy. Hopefully, these easy and amazing steps will guide you to plant beautiful roses.