15+ Purple Hair color to break free from the normal and welcome newness in your life

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Have you been thinking of a new hair colour for your hairs? What about purple hair colour? Or purple hair highlights. You can either choose a light purple hair colour or you can choose a blue and purple hair colour or you can even choose a violet hair colour. Basically, these purple hairstyles are so much into fashion that people are simply getting crazy about it.

These purple hairstyles can give your hairs a suave and charming look. These shades of purple can literally take your hairs into the next level of style. You can even give your curls a purple makeover or you can think about going from dark to light in a way that mostly all girls prefer. Basically, it is so easy that you can even do it in your home. This hairstyle has worked quite well for celebrities like Katy Perry, Avril, Selena Gomez and I think they will look good on you as well.

Here I have listed some of the best purple hair color ideas which you can take quick inspirations. So, good luck trying to choose a classy purple hair color.

Purple Hair color ideas that you will love

Beautiful Peekaboo Purple. Instagram / suite101salon

Beautiful Peekaboo Purple.

Blonde Pixie + Purple Undercut. Instagram / rich.homie.kim

Blonde Pixie + Purple Undercut.

Dark Purple Hair + Bouncin’ Bob. Instagram / jcoccomo

Dark Purple Hair + Bouncin’ Bob.

Lilac Hair Color. Instagram / _hairbymadalynrose

Lilac Hair Color.

Natural Blonde + Purple Dip Dye. Instagram / katiejane_dancer

Natural Blonde + Purple Dip Dye.

Peekaboo Purple. Instagram / suite101salon

Peekaboo Purple.

Purple + Pastels. Instagram / vividartistichairdesign

Purple + Pastels.

Purple + Silver Color Melt. Instagram / mola823

Purple + Silver Color Melt.

Purple Melting into a Silver. Instagram / soho_master_hair_stylists_

Purple Melting into a Silver.

Purple Shadowed Roots. Instagram / blend_studio

Purple Shadowed Roots.

Purple to Pink Ombre. Instagram / promisetamang

Purple to Pink Ombre.

Purple to Turquoise Long Ombre. Instagram / _girlforgirl

Purple to Turquoise Long Ombre.

Purple With a Hint of Pink. Instagram / avec_noir_

Purple With a Hint of Pink.

Short, Purple & Choppy. Instagram / rawr_imma_ninjaturtle

Short, Purple & Choppy.

Silver to Pinky-Purple Ombre. Instagram / hairbymisskellyo

Silver to Pinky-Purple Ombre.

Vibrant Curly Purple Bob. Instagram / iamtheloud1

Vibrant Curly Purple Bob.

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