6 Super Easy Ideas Of DIY Compost Bins

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Building a garden can be easy by knowing the nuances of keeping the green friends happy. It is always great to grow proper healthy plants by using good organic manure. Composting is a great method to add nutrients to the garden plants in a natural way. It is always good to reuse and recycle materials. Likewise, do not dump the kitchen waste. Keep composting and degrading the organic waste like the leftover tea leaves and the coffee grounds, banana peels, peas shells and egg shells.

Easy Ideas Of DIY Compost Bins

These leftovers help to add minerals like Calcium, Phosphorous, Potassium and nitrogen to the soil. Add the organic compost to a height of at least two to three inches above the soil or the potting mix (when planters are used). However, this process of composting should never take place in open pits. These compost bins can be easily made at home with simple old and used materials. From large buckets to animal feeding troughs, all can be used to frame compost bins. While making these compost bins, remember to make them tough.

Here in, we have collected a large range of ideas of DIY compost bins.

Amazing DIY compost Bins

DIY rectangular milk crate compost bins

The large unused rectangular milk crates of multiple colours can be used as compost bins. You can simply lay them one next to the other or you can also stack them one above the other. The inner part of the milk crates should be lined by thick cardboards to align the garbage. All the more, since, these bins will not be too deep, hence you should keep emptying it regularly.

DIY concrete bins

If you wish to build a permanent compost bin, then try constructing concrete bins. Since, you will be making an immovable bin, so try to make it at the farthest end of the garden. Make a nice compost bin either in the round or in the rectangular shape. You can grow certain creepers around it to make the bin look nice and sophisticated. Never grow edible trees nearby. All the more, cover the compost bins with a thick paper so that the degraded compost does not stick to the bins’ walls.

DIY concrete bins

DIY recycled card board compost bins

With the purchase of all electronic gadgets nowadays, large card boards too get delivered at the homes. The card boards ought to be doubly packed to make it straight and stiff. You can bind the card boards by hard stapling or by binding them via wool stitching. These compost bins should be kept under a shade so that the outer cover does not get worn out by rain and snow. These compost bins can be painted as well in different colours.

DIY old animal trough compost bins

The broken and rusted large trough used for animal feeding can be changed to compost bins with ease. Just colour them and locate them at the corner of the garden. Remember to make a cover for the same as well.

DIY wine barrel compost bins

Many a times, large wooden barrels occupy large spaces in the backyard. Well, pull them out and put them to use. You can polish the wine barrels and can get them coloured. Colouring these wooden barrels is very important or else they would be damaged by rain. Then, use them to store and degrade the compost. All the more, since these are very spacious so, regular maintenance are not required. After a month or so, you can remove the contained compost and they could then be easily used in the garden.

DIY wine barrel compost bins

DIY knitted compost bins

Like knitted baskets made out of straw, you can also make knitted compost bins. Either you can use thick straws or can use elastic and plastic robes. The compost bins being knitted will leave holes at the centre and it will also not be erect. So, place a broken bucket inside the knitted mesh to contain the organic compost.


The obvious reason to build compost bins is to reuse the unused materials so as to feed healthier plants. It is not always necessary that, only if you have a garden then only you can build a compost bin. These bins are also used to reduce the garbage heap. Easily from the thrown away and broken trash, you can construct the bin and can then fill it with the organic garbage. The reduced waste can be used to add fertility to the soil. Having built these compost bins, remember not to leave it uncovered. The uncovered organic garbage will do more harm than good, as it will attract fleas and insects. Thereby, breeding and spreading diseases. Hence, do try out these DIY compost bins to modify the garden and its plants.