The 5 Most Important Details Of The Best Sugarcane Harvester In India

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The agricultural sector being the highest employment sector seeks to build up more and more opportunities by producing cash crops. One of the major cash or profitable crops is sugarcane. With the huge production of sugarcane, India stands out as the second highest producer in the world. The highest producer of sugarcane in the world is still Brazil. This crop is a great raw material in the Agro based industries. The harvest method and methodology of sugarcane are extremely laborious.

They are labour intensive and takes long time to minutely process the harvest. To release the strain, over the years, the farmers have become dependent on the sugarcane harvesters. The sugarcane harvester was invented by the researcher Mr. Wurtele. This machine helps to chop the stalks of the sugarcane, defines the stalks by flushing off the dust, to cut the stalks into fine segments by cleaning the leaf shoots. The sugarcane harvesters help to spray water onto the fields as well which also contains fertilizers.

Best Sugarcane Harvester In India

Well, to gain more knowledge regarding the sugarcane harvesters, we have brought to you the best highlights of the finest sugarcane harvester found in India.

The 5 key features of the best sugarcane harvester in India

Which is the best sugarcane harvester?

The best sugarcane harvester is Shakti man sugarcane harvester. It is the most popular and the most well known harvester of India. The cost of this harvester is not too much and can be easily accessible to the farmers. This machine has a six cylinder work up. This harvester happens to have a water-cooled diesel engine. The total power is 173 hp. This harvester is very efficient and its work is highly effective. It is indeed true that it is a one time investment. All the more, since most of the parts of this machine is automated, hence, the work level grows very easy and very swift.

The harvester consists of a massive cleaning system

The Shakti man sugarcane harvester becomes very popular owing to its great cleaning system. In this cleaning mechanism, it happens to combine together the art of dusting with the nuances of technology. To keep the sugarcane stalks free from dust, it helps to at first maintain a stable temperature of the engine. The engines when kept within the limits helps to make the work process far easier. With this technology which supports the cleaning process tends to clear off th radiator chokes as well. By cleaning the radiator chokes it further facilitates the clearance of dust particles from the fins of the radiator.

This harvester is a stable investment

Yes! You have heard it correct. This harvester is not only a long lasting product but also has an intense stability during the working sessions. It does not topple over so easily. The stability of this machine makes it the highest rated harvester in the country. The tough tires of this machine provides the base of the stability.

With the smooth stability, this harvester helps to provide a proper compact soil. All the more, with the stability of this machine comes the versatility. Since, they can be used to work even in the harshest of the conditions, so they are absolutely a wonderful purchase for the harvest time of the sweet sugarcane fields.

A proper combination with the technologies

This harvester is a great blend of technology and manual processes. It uses the fancy GPS. With the help of GPS, this harvester constantly keeps a track of the exact location of the harvest field and also keeps a record of the daily performance. Through the series of messages and of the web information, the farmers can easily keep in touch with all the day to day progress in the field during the harvest time.

Presence of the perfect Crop divider and Base cutter

Simply harvesting the sugarcanes is not the end of the job. The farmers need to categorize them neatly by chopping them off into proper segments. All the more, this part of the work is really tedious. Hence, this harvester comes to the ultimate rescue of the farmers. The adjustable cutters help to chop the sugarcanes into segments with exact precision.

These blades keep moving in opposite directions so that the blades constantly move to chop the sugarcanes. With the blades, the presence of the crop dividers provides command to the machine to pick up only sugarcanes to chop from the desired rows. These parts not only boost the efficiency of the machine and also helps to save a lot of time.


The Shakti man sugarcane harvester with all its great benefits definitely makes it the best sugarcane harvester in India. It is sure that over the years, this harvester will gain more popularity.