Top 4 Mini Harvesters To Increase The Yield In India

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With the massive population involved in the business of agriculture, the harvest time for the farmers become very important and extremely tedious. Usually, in India, since all the crops grown are very large scale, so the farmers use a variety of harvesters. One of the most common farm machines is a mini harvester. These are the best harvesters for the fields of soybean, paddy and wheat.

This harvesting machine helps to provide a combination of works. Ultimately, this machine blends the processes of threshing, reaping and winnowing. In short, this mini harvester is a great and handy equipment for the farmers. They are an absolute all in one machine with all the necessary benefits. Here in, we have combined a great list of mini harvesters in India.

Mini Harvesters To Increase The Yield In India

The 4 most popular Mini harvesters used in India

New Hind 499

One of the finest mini harvesters which is used in India is New Hind 499. This a highly affordable machine with all the required Equipments used in the agricultural sector. This machine happens to cover some of the best processes of the harvest. Likewise, it can be used as an electric shredder, lawn mower and also as a wonderful power weeder.

The engine power of this mini harvester is 76 hp. The bar width of the involved cutter is around 2744 mm. This machine might look ‘mini’ but in actuality it is not. It happens to include 4 large cylinders. The machine further contains 180 liter fuel tank. The best highlight of this mini harvester is that the machine is not used manually; rather it is a self propelled one. It is extremely easy to use. With the 4 cylinders, this engine a has a very strong capacity which generates 2200 RPM.

Dasmesh 3100 Self mini combine mini harvester

This mini harvester is very a good and a popular choice for the Indian farmers. The price is also very affordable and has a range of benefits. This harvester, Dasmesh 3100 also has 4 cylinders like the New Hind 499. This mini harvester also is not a manually used machine. It is an automated machine. This has a power of 76 hp. his incredible self propelled mini harvester uses two types of varieties. Likewise, it not only contains dry type but also contains heavy duty clutch.

This machine unlike other mini harvesters contains the highest number of straw walkers. The number of the straw walkers ranges between 4 to 5. The mini harvester having a stamina filled engine contains the power to generate at least 2200 RPM. All the more, this machine also has a grand cutter bar width of 9 feet. All the more, this cutting capacity which is used to harvest crops like maize is at least 2.0 acres per hour. This is absolutely a great speed. Is not it?

Preet 849 Mini Combine Harvester

If you are looking for an efficient and an attractive mini harvester for your field, them definitely, you best choice will be Preet 849 Mini Combine Harvester. This mini harvester accounts for the best performance and displays the smoothest productivity. The mini harvester contains extremely powerful 4 cylinders which use diesel to run. Unlike the Dasmesh 3100, it does not have 5 straw walkers rather has only 4 straw walkers. The mini harvester has only the dry type single clutch unlike the New hind 499 which contained both the types.

The best highlight of this machine is that it contains a combination of 3 forward and 1 reverse gear boxes. It also has a dry type Air cleaner. Further, this machine, helps to have a great coverage owing to the heavy duty double reel. The machine though produces a large number of tasks, works upon a small turning radius only. With the 4 cylinders in this machine, the fuel capacity of the machine is approximately 160 liters. Owing to its beautiful work effects and due to its reasonable market price, this machine is extremely feasible to the farmers.


With the great variation in the grown crops, it is needless to mention that the harvesters used for the same also has to be diversified. At present, the farmers use at least 10 types of mini harvesters in their fields to lessen their work load. With the Indian brands, some of the harvesters like Osaka Mini Combine Harvester is a Japan made harvester.

All in all, these harvesters have not only reduced the time of harvesting but has also increased the production of the crops. The harvesters over the years have been upgraded to make it more equipped within the limited space. Hopefully, with these mini harvesters with the great benefits, it would be easier for the farmers to pick the best one for their fields.