What Are The Various Techniques By Which Sustainability In The Farms Can Be Increased?

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The 4 most vital ways by which farm sustainability can be increased

1) Crop rotation is one of the most acknowledged techniques by which sustainability in the farms can be increased

In the most natural scenario , crop rotation is the ideal technique in bringing about sustainability of various dimensions in the fields . The crop rotation technique involves sustainability not only for the farmers but also for the environment . Be it in organic farming or even in the conventional method of farming , crop rotation has become very popular.

Sustainability In The Farms Can Be Increased

Likewise, the farmers can grow tomatoes for a season and then in the next season they can have brinjals in their fields per se. In the constant concept of this rotation of crop, it is very evident that the fertility level of the soil stands out as the most important concern. Had there been just the growth or the raising of a single type of crop, then not only would have been the soil famished out of its nutrients but it would have also lead to its deterioration. In the rotation of crops, the farmers are usually advised to grow crops that help in fixing nitrogen back in the soil.

Crops which are known as leguminous crops help in fixing back nitrogen in the soil. In the same context of crop rotation, the farmers are constantly encouraged to bring in the idea of poly culture. In the due course of time, through methods like inter cropping and mixed cropping, the farmers will not only earn more revenue, but will also be able to support the ecological balance.

2) Introducing a combination of livestock raising and normal farming can also help in increasing the sustainability in the farms

In the most ancient times, man did grow crops in combination with the domestication of animals. However,  from the time the particular arena of farming came into being , the farmers narrowed down their domain only to the prospect of growing crops. As the time advanced, the farmers left out the raising of the livestock. however, to earn more and to have a steady income even in times of natural calamities, raising of livestock in combination with farming has become very essential now.

3) The growth of cover crops is very important and equally effective

The farmers should be able to not only raise the crops but should also have proper access to means to keep the crops safe. Likewise, the soil being the most important entity of the agriculture, hence, the farmers ought to keep it fertile in all means. The cover crops help the farmers to keep the soil intact. The common cover crops that can be grown all over the year is clover and also some fodder crops. The cover crops help to prevent the soil erosion by binding the soil.

Moreover, the soil is protected also from the leaching process. Usually, in the average farming process, the soil tends to be loose thereby, gets washed off during the rainy season. If the fields are grown with the cover crops when the commercial crops are not being grown, then the soil will be kept effectively healthy. All the more, the growth of the cover crops, also helps in reducing the risk of weed growth. The cover crops moreover does not require much maintenance nor does it require much cost involvement. The soil can be made to be healthy by adding nutrients to it with the help of growing cover crops. All in all, the cover crops, are beneficial in various ways.

4) Agroforestry is an important aspect of earning sustainability in farming

The health of the soil and also of the crops can be restored by the growth of tall trees. The farmers can reduce the consumption of water resources like growing more and more shady trees. The trees will help in reducing the water loss of the plants by transpiration. All the more, the tall plants and the shrubs, will be helpful in protecting the crops from the animals as well.

The farmers have also been helped with greater income by the growth of such tall shades. The selling of timber for the pulp factory and also to the furniture factory, over the years are helping the farmers to gain more revenue as well. The method of Agroforestry has been helpful in protecting the environment as well. The better growth and the maintenance of large trees with canopy has also equally helped in maintaining the water cycle in the atmosphere and also of the ground water level.