7 Most Awesome Pink Perennials For The Garden

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A garden looks more beautiful and livelier when it grows a large variety of plants. The beauty heightens when the flowers borne by the plants come in various colour combinations. All the more, it is needless to say that pink is one of the most favourite hues of the gardeners. There are various kinds and species of pink perennials.

To add colour to your garden, always add perennials rather than the evergreen annuals. For growing these pink perennials, never try to lay out large garden beds. Make use of the leftover areas of the garden. Prune and trim these perennials to make them look bushy and thicker. However, for pink perennials like roses and bougainvillea, you can prepare extensive raised garden beds. The soil ought to be porous and moist. Regular watering is very much required for these perennials. However, too much water can cause accumulation near the roots, thereby rotting the tender roots.

Pink Perennials For The Garden

To help you make your garden get adorned with the pastel shades of hues, we have collected a list of a wide range of pink perennials. These are very easy to maintain and these also do not consume much land.

The finest 7 pink perennials to decorate the garden

1. Hibiscus

It is quite obvious that hibiscus grows in a variety of colour combinations. Pink is one of the dominant colours of this flower. The large five petalled flower is very common. The bushy deep pink hibiscus altogether has a very different fan base. However, the hibiscus which grows alternately yellow and pink flowers are also a great attraction in the garden. You can easily grow these perennials in a large container like an unused bucket or a baby tub. These pink perennials remain in full bloom throughout the year. With regular watering and usage of organic manure, you can easily have a wholesome produce.

2. Bergenia

These plants happen to have a large canopy with huge deep green leaves. The leaves are extraordinarily shiny and smooth. The flowers are very tiny but since they grow in clusters, hence these are great eye catchers. They are also famously called as ‘pigsqueak’. These plants can be grown easily in the spring or even when the winter snow starts to thaw. With a height of approximately two feet to three feet, they can easily be grown at the centre of the garden. These flowers are a great attraction spot for the bees.


3. Zinnias

With these clustered flowers with very thin layered petals, zinnias are a lovely pink perennial for the gardens. You can easily grow them in terracotta or plastic containers. With a moist and fertile soil, these pink perennials add excess beauty in the winter days. Zinnias need constant watering. Try to grow these under a temporary shade. With excess heat throughout the days, the flowers might wilt.

4. Roses

It is needless to say that roses occur in various colours. However, amongst all colours, roses have the largest number of shades in the pink colour. From light pink to coral pink and from peach pink to dark pink, the colour combinations are numerous. From stem cuttings, you can easily grow these beautiful flowers.

5. Butterfly bush

With the hue of raspberry pink, these pink perennials will love gorgeous when grown along your garden fountain. The flowers are slightly long and they keep peeking out through the bushes. These flowers often bloom by the close of the hot summer days. Up till the end of spring, these flowers can bloom. These flowers love sunlight for at least six hours straight. This plant needs regular pruning to maintain an attractive bushy texture.

Butterfly bush

6. Dianthus

Dianthus is one of the loveliest pink perennials. If you happen to plant these, it will literally make your garden look like a flower bed. With small crepe paper like flowers, the Dianthus bushes are very majestic to gaze at. With the onset of the mild summers, you can easily see these flowers decked up in full bloom.

7. Japanese Anemone

If you are thinking of planting pink perennials at the end of the summer, then these flowers are your perfect choice. These have a really large and bushy growth. They usually do not grow quite tall. Usually, they reach up to the maximum height of three feet to four feet. The flowers range from light pink to deep pink. They are usually folded in the form of two layers if petals. These plants usually have woody stems and thus, are quite resistant to the pests. All the more, you can grow them along side the garden fence and also at the entrance.


From Crepe Myrtle to Dicentra, the variety of pink perennials are huge. Hopefully, with these mentioned types, you too will consider planting some of these beautiful pink perennials.