5 Innovative And Trendy Front Garden Design Ideas

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A lovely lush green garden adds on to the charm of one’s residence. Then, an obvious question might arise as well. What heightens the beauty and charm of a garden? Well, the answer is too simple. The garden can be beautified by introducing amazing front garden designs. It is not necessary that to incorporate such designs, you have to have a grand sprawling landscape. Even in a sweet little garden, you can introduce such designs. It is quite obvious that the first impression is the last impression.

Hence, the entrance has to be properly decorated. All the more, while installing various means to build such decorations, remember to be economical. You can reuse your old materials, plant weeping trees and also grow shrubs trimmed in the shape of animals or any other figure. There are various kinds of weeping trees and various types of ornamental flowers to form a natural entrance gateway. The best advice is that, try to keep the front garden idea as natural and organic as possible. Do not put unnecessary hefty and costly decorations. The artificial decorations tend to negate the real aesthetic sense of the garden.

Front Garden Design Ideas

Here in, we have brought a great collection stuffed with wonderful front garden ideas which are very easy to build.

The 5 best amazing front garden ideas

Grow variety of weeping trees

Ruby falls with its deep red flowers are a perfect match to your front garden space. If you have a restricted garden area, then the dwarf varieties of weeping trees are great. The Lavender twists are also good with a height of six to seven feet with the canopy of at least three to four feet in breadth. The colour changes in these trees according to the seasons are really admirable. More the colours, more attractive your garden will look.

Grow variety of weeping trees

For this case, the weeping junipers and the weeping birch trees can also be great options.

Decorate the entrance by ornamental plants and flowers

The most common of all the front garden ideas is to decorate it by arranging the best flowers in concentric circles near the entrance. With a fountain in the middle, you can try growing flowers and ornamental plants in a tiered fashion as well. Ornamental plants like rubber plants and ZZ plants can be easily grown around these flower beds. Grow more of roses and jasmines. It is always better to grow the seasonal flowers, so that the front garden looks evergreen.

Green walls

Vertical gardening in the form of green walls has grown increasingly trendy nowadays. You can grow moss on these walls. The walls after having being covered with moss, can be drilled to make pockets to hold tiny planters. Later on, these planters can be used to grow flowers like aster, hydrangeas, lilies, petunias, roses and marigolds.

Installing giant planters

Nowadays, gardeners have resorted to planter growing rather than direct soil planting. This not uses consumes less space but also makes the area look more amazing. The giant planters can be either made of metals, richly decorated with designs or can be of simple solid colours. The planters can be wooden ones as well. They can be used to grow dwarf banyan, palms and pines. These planters can either be planted on both sides of the entrance or can simply be aligned with the fence; if any. Since, these planters are going to be large, hence these need regular watering.

Installing giant planters

Wooden fences with seating couch

The front garden is indeed also a great place to sit and chill. The best idea to accommodate this in the gardening is by, allowing the combo sets of furniture and fencing. This so-called furniture might be simply containing wooden slabs. In between those fences, try to grow certain creepers or flowers like petunias and zinnias. This combo idea will very soon become a great place to hang around amidst the greenery.


Growing a garden and presenting it beautifully are absolutely two different discreet ideas. Beautifying a garden is lot more hectic than simply planting trees and hedges. It is always good to involve more plants, flowers and succulents in beautifying the front area of the garden. Nowadays, many modern gardeners also resort to various artificial grandeur to decorate the front garden space. Likewise, they lay out broad wooden steps aligned on both sides with pebbles and stones.

Some love to place a pebbled path, with potted succulents on either side. With the steps and paths, fencing can also form a great artistic front garden idea. You can keep the fencing very minimal or you can go for wooden or Aluminium rectangular fences (also called horizontal fencing). Hopefully, these beautiful and easy to build front garden ideas will also make your garden more attractive and aesthetic.