7 Exciting Ideas To Grow Indoor Food Garden

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The world is changing at an accelerated pace. From big families to smaller nuclear families, the world seems to have been restricted to smaller spaces. With the constriction of the world, the idea of garden has also modified. We have moved from huge lawn gardens to indoor gardens. So, with the evolution of gardens, the idea of produce in gardens has also modified. We have indoor food garden ideas that is changing the whole outlook of indoor gardens. With the increase in adulteration in available the world, producing your own food indoors is a very lucrative idea. So, we will help you with exciting ideas to grow indoor food garden. This will help you produce your own fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and ensure a healthy life.

Exciting Ideas To Grow Indoor Food Garden

The 7 best ideas to grow indoor food garden

With the correct proportion of planning and knowledge, you can easily grow your very own indoor food garden. All the more, as such there is no plant that cannot be grown indoors. From basil to lettuce and from kale to tomatoes, you can grow everything inside. In no time this garden will help you substitute your vegetables purchased from market.

Grow sprouts

Sprouts is a healthy compliment to your breakfast table. So why not grow something healthy yet very tasty in your own kitchen. Growing sprouts is very easy in your indoor garden. Sprouts don’t require any fancy accessories to support. They can even easily grow on your kitchen counter. You can easily grow sprouts in medium sized jars with cheesecloth top. If you are looking for long term investment in growing sprouts, you can opt for seed spouter trays. This is a very effective idea to grow indoor food garden.

Plant all types of Herbs

Herbs though do not directly qualify as vegetables but are a perfect addition to your garden and good way to save your pocket. If you are starting your own garden, herbs are a very easy way to start. They do not require much lighting specifications nor need much care. With the help of herbs, you can develop your own hanging garden too. They help you decorate your home while being edible. Imagine running out of herbs while making your pasta. Now you just need to walk to your indoor garden to collect some. Therefore, herbs are a must have plant in your indoor food garden.

Plant all types of Herbs

Grow your microgreens yourself

We all enjoy microgreens in our daily salads or sandwiches. So why not grow them ourselves at our homes? Yes! You can easily grow microgreens in your indoor food garden. To grow microgreens, you need a shallow vessel and a spot which requires adequate sunlight. With just these minimum requirements met, you can enjoy your own produce of healthy microgreens. So, this is one of the easiest ideas to grow indoor food garden.

Fresh greens to grow

We all know having greens in our diet is a must and should. So why not grow them organically in our own indoor food garden. This way you protect your health from harmful chemicals and save your money from overpricing. If you enjoy a fresh salad daily, or look forward to a healthy sandwich, you can grow lettuce at your home. Along with lettuce, you can grow other greens like spinach, swiss chard, kale. You just need properly lit place and little care to have your own produce.

Garden fresh tomatoes

Yes!! You have read it correctly. You can easily grow tomatoes in your indoor garden. You need to find a place with adequate sunlight, big pots for the plants and a supporting cage to help the plant grow. With these minimum requirements, you can easily grow your own tomatoes. This idea to grow indoor food garden will really help you boost your health.

Garden fresh tomatoes

Grow Strawberries

When planning your own indoor food garden, you don’t have to limit yourself to vegetables and herbs. You can grow fruits like strawberries easily indoors. They are very easy to grow and your cool indoor environment is suitable for that. Just remember, as you won’t have pollinators from outside, you need to ensure pollination for your strawberry plants. Adding strawberry to your indoor food garden will increase diversity in your garden. So do try out this idea to grow indoor food garden.

Grow Carrots also in your indoor garden

You can easily grow carrots in your indoor food garden. Carrots usually prefer a cooler atmosphere, so indoors in a perfect environment for carrot. To grow carrots, you need to have a fairly large size container, as carrots are root vegetable.


With these exciting yet very easy ideas to grow indoor food garden gift yourself a healthy life. These ideas will be cost effective yet good for your health.