10 Brilliant Ideas To Build Vertical Garden In Small Space

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We all love to have our own garden space where we can grow herbs, vegetables, fruits, flowers as per our choice. Owing to present day living conditions, space constraint is a major barrier in the path of having our very own refreshing garden. But as the famous saying goes, “where there is a will, there is a way”, so if we don’t have horizontal space to develop our garden, we can utilize vertical space to build one. Here in this article, we bring to you a few simple, yet brilliant ideas which will help you build vertical garden in small space.

Build Vertical Garden In Small Space

1. Garden in pet bottles

This is an easy cost-effective way to decorate your walls while growing your cherished garden. You need to collect, a few pet water bottles and cut them into halves to form plant holders. To the cut halves, make holes on the sides and attach appropriate hanging cords. Now you just need to hang them along side your walls. Voila!! Your garden is ready to be planted with your favorite herbs.

Garden in pet bottles

2. Garden in your old wooden Pallet

Do you have that old wooden pallet lying around? Well then bring it out and clean it up, because it will help you have your coveted garden. To have a vertical garden, you can easily stack the wooden pallet along side your wall and grow your herbs in your pocket.

Garden in your old wooden Pallet

3. Garden in coconut cups

Are you planning to decorate your hall, but want to do something different? Then a garden in coconut cups is a perfect option for you. Use those coconut cups to grow your plants in and then hang them along side your wall. It will help you grow your favorite herbs and also add a tropical flavor to your walls.

Garden in coconut cups

4. Photogenic garden in a photo frame

You can always decorate your walls with traditional photo frame. So why not add a refreshing touch to common photo frame. You can use a wooden photo frame to grow small floral herbs and hung it up on your wall. This will add a bright color to your wall with a pinch of good decorating taste.

Photogenic garden in a photo frame

5. Plants on a Ladder

It’s high time you put that wooden ladder to use. You can easily position the ladder at a corner in your drawing room and place pots on its step to form your garden. You can plant small floral plants, chubby yet prickly cactus and even vines in these pots. This will make your drawing room look vibrant and will feel fresh. You can even add a few medicinal herbs in these pots which can help clean germs from the atmosphere and keep insects away.

Plants on a Ladder

6. Garden in your old dresser

You can use your old dresser to build your own garden. Each of the drawers in your dresser can hold a plant, thus giving the drawer a wild yet fresh look. You can place this dresser in your drawing room or at the entrance to your apartment. This will surely make your guests feel welcome with their floral presence.

Garden in your old dresser

7. Old Mason Jar garden

You can build a sturdy bracket on your wall and hang mason jars to them. You can then plant your favorite herbs and refreshing plants in these mason jars. This is a cost-effective way of using your old mason jars to build your own vertical garden in small space. You can replace mason jars with any other sturdy cups that you have at home and are big enough to hold your plant up on the wall.

Old Mason Jar garden

8. Hanging Terracotta Garden

You can buy small terracotta pots tied in chains using strong ropes. These can be hung to a hanger in your wall and will build you a steady garden. You can plant all sorts of herbs you wish to grow. You can even move this garden as per your wish.

Hanging Terracotta Garden

9. Pot Hanger

A pot hanger is an easy technique to build your own vertical garden without much expense. You can fit in your plants in the pots and hang them anywhere you feel like in your apartment without much of an inconvenience.

Pot Hanger

10. Wire Mesh garden

You can construct a wire mesh on your wall and hang your pots to the mesh. It decorates your wall and helps you grow your own vertical garden in small space. You can even grow crawlers to cover the wire mesh and get a decorative look.

Wire Mesh garden


With the increasing space constraint, gardening is becoming a difficult hobby to pursue. But with these brilliant ideas to build vertical garden in small spaces hope you can pursue your hobby. These ideas will not only help you grow your garden but are also cost effective. So happy gardening!