To Make A Hanging Planter: Follow These 3 Amazing Ways

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Many a times, we keep dangling our feet sitting at the patios and search for greenery above our heads. Well, then the magic is here at your disposal. The one stop solution to this dream is introducing hanging planter. The hanging planters can form an absolutely beautiful part of your lush green garden. These planters come in varied shape and sizes in lavish colours. These hanging plants help in improving the aesthetic beauty and value of your indoor garden.

Hanging Planter

From Thyme to Agave and from rosemary to faux plants, you can grow any type of a plant in the hanging planters. The hanging plants are not at all costly to maintenance. It also helps to purify the indoor air and adds onto the moisture content in the house. All the more, these hanging planters also fit in every nook and corner with perfect ease. Be it from the ceilings or from the window sills, the hanging planters can settle anywhere to charm you and your visitors. So, let us see how we can make such a hanging planter with the easiest materials.

1. Decide where to place the hanging planter

Firstly, before deciding on the place where you wish to hang your planter, try to gauge the material and the strength of that material. Ceilings or the window rods are very good material to carry the weight of the planters. Likewise, if you aim at hanging the flower planters from the ceiling, so there are plenty of ways to do it.

Decide where to place the hanging planter

You can use suction cups or common strong hooks to hang those planters. Some even use, sticky hangers and strong magnets to double check the hanging planters. You can also put up hanging planters at the window sills. Likewise, balconies also make a very unique place for the ornamental hanging planters. Try to grow creeper-based plants at the balconies like cherry tomatoes or herbs like Oregano etc.

2. Important base material to make hanging planters

The hanging planters come in various sizes from circular to rectangular. All the more, if you wish to further decorate the shape, you can carve the planters in the shape of hollow ducks or strawberries. Variety always catches the eye very quickly. Either you can choose clay or wooden or ceramic as the most sustainable base material.

Choosing the right base material is very important. If you are using a wooden-planters, try to outline it in and out with thick plastic. This plastic covering will help to keep the planter dry and not rot. If you have old bottles (both plastic and glass), you can use them as hanging planters mainly for herbs. Nowadays, even the coconut shells are a highly attractive base material for hanging planters.

Important base material to make hanging planters

Having selected the base material, remember to create tiny holes at the bottom of the planter. These holes will help in the proper drainage facility and also modulate aeration. Since, the planters would be hung, so remember to provide a planter of same size underneath the original one. However, not all planters need this extra planter covering.

3. Ways to hang the planter

There are various ways in which you can hang the planter. Firstly, by thick fiber threads attached on both sides of the planter. Next, you can use the stylish woven macrame chords to hang light weighted planters. Orchids can be grown in these macrame chords. With the shortage of space, people also opt for layered hanging planters. Try to choose the lightest material possible for this tiered hanging planters.

If you plan to decorate the walls with these, then you can use adhesive clips or suction hooks to hang them. For a regal look, you may use twisted thick copper strings to hang your beautiful flower planters. If you have some really steady lamp sheds, you can also affix light planters there. Usually flowy multicoloured flowers look heavenly. However, you can always experiment with which flower to grow.

Ways to hang the planter

If you happen to possess, very tiny pots of flowers and herbs, you can place on a shelved fashion. You can drill holes in an old shoe rack and place the pots into it. For these planters you can grow the succulents easily. This shelved fashion of hanging planters is very much in vogue.


The hanging planters in the recent times have heightened the importance of indoor gardening. With the light weighted and its cost friendly materials, hanging planters are growing very common. It is always a delight to find plants at the various levels. These hanging planters have also covered up the guilt of not being able to have an outdoor garden. Hopefully, these amazing ways of making hanging planters will help you too.