Start Gardening: 5 Amazing Tips For Beginners

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Garden enchants one and all. Undoubtedly, there is no person who can turn their eyes away from the plants.  With the over-packed schedules, some people find no extra time to tend to their garden beds. However, it is never too late to begin. Even in the busiest hours, you can still tend to your plants. Likewise, you can grow certain herbal garden or some succulents indoors. Growing these plants are easy and cost-effective.

Start Gardening

People surmising whether it is necessary to tend a garden or not, well, the answer is yes! Staying close to nature always replenishes your spirits. Even the lush green colour soothes the mind.  This has been scientifically proven. Apart from releasing your stress, plants help in removing the toxic elements from the air. The green plants also maintain the humidity.

Well it is time for the beginners to get their gardening tips to grow wonderful gardens around.

Amazing gardening tips for the beginners

Find the perfect location to lay the garden

When you plan your garden space, remember to figure out the approximate stretch of land. Before preparing the garden beds, try to keep in mind, whether the garden is under the sun or is the cold shade. Place the garden such that it can receive proper morning sunshine. The garden should not get the scorching heat of the day. You can also consider raised garden beds for the same. Try to keep the garden in close proximation to a water source.

Find the perfect location to lay the garden

Till the land

The garden soil needs to be constantly tilled. You can grow plants one after the other, so that the land is not left barren. Letting the land untended will make it unhealthy. You can grow plants in rows and in combinations. Likewise, in between tomatoes and cabbages, you can grow tender herbs like basil or mustard also. Regularly water the flower beds. Remember to water the plants in the early morning and post dusk. Never water the plants in the hot afternoons. Owing to heavy transpiration in the scorching heat, the plants will soon die.

Before sowing the seedlings, also research a little about the winter temperature; since snow can destroy certain plants. To safeguard your plants, you can easily opt for winterproof planters with plastic covers.

Consider potted plants

Tilling the land to grow flowers and veggies can be tiresome at times. In this case, you can use planters or pots or containers of varied sizes to grow the plants. You can also use some hanging planters to upgrade the state of your gardening. While create the planters, always mark and drill a hole at the bottom. This tiny hole will facilitate proper air passage and excess water flow. This hole will not allow any scope for stagnant water. Stagnant water at the roots tend to rot the roots.

Consider potted plants

Prepare proper manure

To grow healthy plants, you should feed the soil very well. Your organic kitchen waste can be used as a very good manure. The fruit or vegetable peels in addition to tea leaves can be mixed to form a wholesome compost. The egg shells can be crushed or grinded in minute bits to feed the soil. The crushed egg shells help to add calcium and potassium to the soil. You can also add the coffee leftovers after grounding the coffee beans.

Prepare proper manure

Apart from this compost mixture, you can also make liquid fertilizers. Liquid fertilizers are easily absorbed by the roots, hence much more effective. The most important liquid fertilizers are compost tea and fish pond water. You can use organic rotten rice water sprays to kill the pests.

Find the plants you wish to grow

Having prepared the soil and the planters, choose the plants accordingly. You can beetroots, cabbages, Asparagus or spinach in the garden beds. In between these plants, you can also grow certain tender plants. You can grow herbs or flowers in between. If you wish to grow plants in the hanging planters, yon can easily grow ornamental plants like Fuchsia, Lobelia, String of pearls or Diascia.


By now, you must have understood that gardening is no rocket science. Yes, it may sound cliché but it is true. It is always a good investment to grow a hearty garden right by your home sweet home. For some the garden steps into the living rooms and to the bathrooms as well. With nature stretching to every domain of our lives, it is always great to see it grow and nurture us in turn. From Ivy Germanium to Dwarf lavender and from Agave to cherry tomatoes, you can grow anything at your place. Keep the gardening tips clearly etched in your memories to grow a lush green garden. Hopefully these 5 amazing tips will be helpful to the beginners.