12 Great Hardy Indoor Plants

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There are plenty of plants which can be grown in the house. While deciding which all plants you wish to grow, try to find out sturdy houseplants. Indoors already limit and restrict much of the needs of the plants. Likewise, the plants have to grow in dim light and with scanty water. Even a slightly more watering can initiate rotting of the roots and the wilting of the leaves when left dry. Hence, the houseplants should be chosen with care. You can grow wax plant, rubber tree or money tree without any second thought.

Hardy Indoor Plants

These plants are also very resistant to dry weather and to the seasonal abnormalities. The plants are also not easily infested by pests due to their hefty structure. Herein, we have enlisted a variety of hardy indoor plants which can make your room very beautiful.

Hardy Indoor Plants

1) Wax plant

Wax plant with the its blissful fragrance and silky-smooth thick leaves is a lovely house plant. As the name suggests, this plant has glossy wax-like leaves. These plants need moistened soil throughout their growing period. Mainly the time of summer and spring, they need a well-drained soil. These plants are also called as Porcelain flowers.

Wax plant

2) Rubber plant

The rubber plants in the recent days have become a great trend-setter in the bedrooms. These hardy plants grow very fast. Hence, require regular pruning.

Rubber plant

3) Maidenhair fern

These are very tender plants with lace-like leaves. The leaves are very small and are numerous on one mid rib. These can grow in shady areas of your balcony.

Maidenhair fern

4) Snake plant

With the stylish double-coloured leaves, snake plant definitely counts as one of the hardy indoor plants. These plants can grow in indirect lights and low water facilities. These trees are medium sized. Hence, they do not require constant pruning.

Snake plant

5) Lucky bamboo

Often you must have seen a heart shaped bamboo being sent in as gifts. These plants are believed to bring luck and more prosperity. Hence the obvious name. This plant has hardy sleek stems and tiny little leaves at one tip. The lucky bamboo can a wonderful decorative piece at the television set.

Lucky bamboo

6) Agave

Agave is a wonderful drought resistant plant. If you grow them in pots or jars, water them once a week. There perfect place would be at the window sills or at the balconies.

7) Money tree

Money trees are wonderful plants with braided roots. They have thick leaves and are drought resistant. They are absolute sturdy plants. They can be grown on pebbled soil. The plants are not toxic but can cause irritation on touching. Hence, use gloves while pruning.

Money tree

8) Tradescantia Zebrina

This Mexican plant with unique curled leaves is also called Inch plant. The leaves have streaks of white, green and grey. They also bear tiny pink tree petalled flowers. They are absolutely hardy and can grow throughout the year.

Tradescantia Zebrina

9) Moth orchid

These plants bear lovely and colourful flowers. One tip itself can produce approximately twenty-five flowers. They are beautiful decorations for your tea tables. Moth orchids have a large number of varieties.

Moth orchid

10) Ponytail palm

Like a vigorous fountain, the leaves of this plant also form such a structure. The leaves are very thin and long. This plant is also named as Elephant’s foot. Ponytail palm takes really long time to grow. Hence does not require regular pruning and can be easily categorised as cost-effective. These plants usually have a long lifespan.

Ponytail palm

11) Red Aglaonema

The colour of this plant is an absolute attraction. The deep red hue with risen leaf veins is very good to add an instant colour to your living room. These plants are very hardy and a bit toxic. Toxic in the sense that if eaten can cause problems in respiration.

Red Aglaonema

12) Parlor palm

With long and thin leaves, this plant forms a lovely canopy. The best place to grow these plants are at the window sills. They need the slanting light and warmth of the morning. They need proper watering and a well-drained soil.

Parlor palm


Having plants in the house can increase the beauty of the ambience. The house plants help to cleanse the indoor air and also moistens the indoor environment. The best thing about the house plants is that they do not occupy large space. They can be easily pruned and trimmed. These green friends are also not much demanding. With little sunlight and little water, they can easily bloom and look splendid. Over the years, the decorations of the house apartments have also varied to include the house plants. From peace lilies to snake plants, all plants are absolutely mesmerizing to be in company with. Hopefully, with these beautiful green friends mentioned here, even your home sweet home will turn even warmer.