13 Beautiful Low-Light Houseplants

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The plant world abounds in a large variety of plants. To grow houseplants, remember to never shower them with excess sunlight. The houseplants are tender and can easily wilt when placed under the scorching heat. From aloe vera to money plants and from lucky bamboos to bonsai, the arena of houseplants is really huge. The low light houseplants are also very effective in purifying the indoor air by removing toxins like Benzene.

Low-Light Houseplants

Apart from increasing the aesthetic beauty of the place, these indoor plants help in intensifying the humidity indoors. Some indoor succulents like Moon cactus grow wonderful flowers which further beautify the place. Herein we have included 13 most beautiful low light houseplants to decorate your apartments.

Low Light Houseplants

1) Rubber tree

The rubber trees are very indoor friendly and do not grow very tall. These plants love to be bathed in low light and can grow with ease in the dim corners of the room. The soil required for the rubber plants needs to be well-drained and well-aerated. The rubber plants grow well when sprinkled with warm or say lukewarm water.

Rubber tree

2) Money tree

Money trees have a wonderful twisted pattern of roots. The leaves are thick and glossy. All the more, the money trees tend to grow better in lowly lit parts of the house. The money trees when pruned well can be a wonderful company at the bedroom. The money tree is also believed to bring bags of fortunes and elevates prosperity.

Money tree

3) ZZ plant

With the gifting season continuing throughout the year, ZZ plant in the recent years has become a wonderful surprise. The ZZ plants have beautiful spiky leaves with a hardened stem. Apart from low light, they detest having wet or soggy roots. So, use well drained and properly aerated pot soil for this plant.

ZZ plant

4) Lettuce

Growing a salad at home is always a relief. Likewise, bushy lettuce can grow so well via the hydroponic method. This plant also seeks shady places but not cold ones. The warmth of the light is required but not the direct sunlight.


5) Lavender

The colour of the Lavender itself is so soothing, hence growing it in your home will be so much more ethereal. The fragrance of lavender and its oil is very good for the health. Even lavenders crave for low light.


6) Orchids

Varieties of orchids can be grown in the house in low light. From violet to pink, all orchids can be planted and nurtured in the pots.


7) Aloe vera

The thick-leaved aloe vera is a blissful houseplant. Apart from growing in low light, it also does not require regular watering. The leaves can be scrapped for gels as well.

Aloe vera

8) Peace lily

Peace lilies as the name suggests are harbingers of peace. The beautiful white flowers bring in instant charm. The leaves of this plant ranges from being narrow and long to broad and curled. This plant requires soil which is soaked with adequate water and fertilizers. Excess sunlight will very easily destroy this plant and can also let some pests grow on it.

Peace lily

9) Snake plant

The snake plants have beautiful green leaves bordered with yellow hue. This plant loves to grow under low light. Fluorescent light can also be great for these plants. These plants do not prefer regular watering. Snake plants are great air purifiers as well.

Snake plant

10) Croton

Crotons are lovely colourful houseplants. They have broad leaves and sleek stems. Some species can also grow thick and woody stems. Crotons love to flourish in low light. From moderate to low watering is favourable for these plants.


11) Basil

Basil being a tender herb can be grown on kitchen slab or in a hanging planter. These are short plants growing in dim light. However, once in a while, bright sunshine can be good.


12) Prayer plant

The variety of prayer plants is large. Fortunately, all the prayer plants can be grown in the dim light within the house.

Prayer plant

13) Chinese Evergreen

The bushy Chinese Evergreen are also wonderful low light houseplants. These plants usually do not require much pruning and trimming. Apart from the basic removal of dead leaves, the Chinese evergreens take care of themselves very efficiently.

Chinese Evergreen


The need of houseplants in these increased days of pollution has been further heightened. The most important thing to keep in mind while nurturing the houseplants is to keep in them in low light and less water. Some of the above mentioned can be planted in hanging planters. Houseplants like Chives can be grown by the hydroponic method. The houseplants in turn are great investments since they bring with them great beauty and benefits. Hopefully, these beautiful 13 lowlight houseplants will bring in more charm to your place as well.