9 Amazing Gardening Shortcuts

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Gardening is a beautiful journey. This journey can at times seem tedious and rigorous, but will always yield happy results. With the shortage of time to deal with this hobby, try using some easy shortcuts. These shortcuts will make your gardening easier and more colourful. While indulging in these variety of shortcuts, try to focus on the needs of your garden. Try to use materials that are cost and sweat reducing.

Amazing Gardening Shortcuts

Make gardening an enjoyable hobby not a dutybound scheduled work. To cut down the cost, you can use the old plastic and glass jars to grow new plants. To cut down on the hard work, you can shrivel the size of the garden. To make your gardening easier and fun, we have enlisted 9 wonderful gardening shortcuts.

Amazing Gardening Shortcuts

Do not grow a large lawn

The first advice to the novice gardeners is to keep the boundaries of the small garden. Smaller the garden, lesser the sweat involved. Moreover, at this Modern age even at the tiniest garden space, variety of plants can be grown. While preparing the lawn, do not flood it with regular watering. Try to alternately trim the lawn. All the more, lesser the size of the lawn, lesser the menace of the growing weeds. To make your lawn flourish under the warmth of the sun and not in a cold shade.

Do not grow a large lawn

Attract pollinators to fasten pollination

With the wonderful flowers around, it is always good to have many pollinators. Birds, bees, bats, butterflies and wasps are absolutely very hardworking pollinators. Bees and butterflies being the most common pollinators. The richly coloured flowers ranging from crimson red to dark orangish hue attract bees. Likewise, Snapdragon is a prime example of a flower pollinated by bee. To make a steady inflow of pollinators, make proper residences for me. Like grow attractive butterfly and caterpillar feeders.

Fertilize when necessary

The basic shortcut to growing more plants is to use lesser fertilizer. Make use of the waste of one plant as the manure to the other. In this manner, the organic waste gets circulated and no chemical fertilizers would be needed.

Grow same variety of veggies at a place

While growing vegetables or fruits, grow them in one row. Do not intermix veggies with flowers. This causes undue shortage of space thereby causing stunted growth. Veggies like cauliflower, turnips, broccoli, cabbage and potatoes need the entire tracts of the land to their own growth. To grow multiple fruits and vegetables, you can grow them on alternate rows.

Grow same variety of veggies at a place

Enhance self-pollination

Plant trees and fruits that can self-pollinate themselves. With the method of self-pollination, potatoes, orchids, peanuts and peaches can be grown. Self-pollination method also helps to save the cost on grafting and re-grafting of various plants for better yield.

Water feeders for the plants

Regularly watering your plants can be a bit troublesome for some plants. They might rot the roots of the plant. Hence, the one stop solution for this is to introduce water feeders within the planters. The water feeders can be homemade. Water feeders are placed very close to the roots and drop by drop they wet the roots proportionately.

Make use of old stuff

To curtail the cost, try to use vintage glass jars and plastic bottles to grow plants. You can use your big old milk drums as water sprinklers. Even the old furniture and the vintage wheelbarrows at your place can act as great planters.

Introduce large and broad planters

Smaller planters need constant watering and fertilizer input. So, it is always better to grow plants in larger planters. You an easily grow Magnolia, hybrid Banyan, variety of lilies and tulips. The larger planters require watering once or twice a week since they do not dry up very fast. At the winter times, the larger pots being more resistant do not develop cracks very easily. thereby, making it an obvious investment.

Introduce large and broad planters

Grow herbs and salads together

If you have decided to grow herbs and salads, grow them together. Likewise, if you are growing lettuce or asparagus, and almost at their harvest season, plant herbs like basil and oregano. Since, the soil requires constant nutrition, hence regular cropping will keep the soil healthy.


Gardening nowadays has attained varied levels of design and fashion. With these multi-dimensional gardening patterns, the hard work has also indeed spiralled up. The best thing about today’s gardening is that it can easily fit in to any corner. With this space inclusivity, the gardening patterns have also changed for the better. From using vintage cans to broken plastic buckets, everything is being put to use in the gardening. These beautiful time and cost saving shortcuts have indeed made gardening very fantastic. Hopefully, these 10 easy shortcuts will beautify and enrich your garden as well.