6 Big NOs to Your Lawns

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Lawn forms a vital part of your garden. The well-trimmed grass blades make the backyard garden even more aesthetic. When soft breeze will gently brush against the glossy blades of lawn, it would be an absolute sight to behold! To begin with, growing and maintaining a lawn is no cup of tea. From which grass to be grown at which level and to how much height, the art of mowing requires a set of skills. Having learnt the ways to care for your lawn, you should also know the DO NOTs. Herein, we have gathered 6 things which should never be done to your lawn.

Big NOs to Your Lawns

6 things that should never be done to your lawn

Do not chop off the grass blades

Often, we tend to relate to the fact, that mowing a lawn means to cut the grass. Absolutely not. We should rather simply trim it. While trimming keep in mind, that the grass blades do not get shredded. All the more, do spare the grass clippings. These grass parts simply add nourishment to the entire lawn. The lesser the grass to mow, lesser will be your work at the lawn. After having trimmed the lawn, you can heap the grass that will no more be use. Either you can rot it in a compost pit or simply let it lie around large trees. This will turn into organic manure.

Do not chop off the grass blades

Do not obstruct the sunshine

Sunlight is one of the most important needs of a spectacular lawn. Shady lawns need immense care and at times costly as well. Try to grow seasonal grasses. Choose the seeds and the sod as per the season. However, no lawn pines for scorching heat. This extreme weather will burn the tender leaves. While mowing, do not exercise this task in the afternoon. This job of yours will simply exhaust your lawn and your stamina. Do remember to never spring water on your lawn during the noon. If you have to water it, either do it in the morning or in the evening. Even right after the dusk and before the dawn, watering works really well.

Never over-water your lawn

Providing excess water to your field in no way will help you grow a great lawn. Too much watering will cause clogging and will rot the roots. Pertaining to the watering task, try not to water the lawn on a daily basis. The dampening of the soil can also give rise to mushrooms. These mushrooms in turn will entirely spoil your lawn. They tend to change the colour of your greenish lawn to a brownish one. However, while picking the mushrooms, do remember to remove only the unhealthy ones. Some mushrooms growing on your lawn can be beneficial to the lawn and be edible as well.

Never over-water your lawn

Do not intervene with the proper mowing intervals

When you are mowing or thinking of mowing, keep an updated calendar at hand. Mark the mowing days properly. Do not keep long gaps between two mowing terms. You can also go for stripped line mowing. You can level one part of the lawn once and then check on to the other half. This regular mowing will help in lush green grass blades.

Moving should be done in multiple directions to restrict extra cutting of the grass. While mowing, remember never to use any blunt or unsharpened blades. The sharpened blades can easily run through the lawn and trim the grass without uprooting them.

Do not rip off the water-soaked grass blades

If you decide to mow your lawn right after your watering, please do trash this idea. If you cut the wet grass, they will simply pull with themselves large heaps of tender grass mass from within. The wet grass with the soft mud tends to tamper the inner parts of the mower. The mowing of wet grass will simply leave your lawn with puddled grass and an unevenness.

Do not burden the lawn with sacks of fertilizers

Fertilizing the grass is good, but an excessive usage of fertilizers will simply destroy your lovely lawn. If you are growing your lawn at a shady area, try to limit the fertilizer used. The shady areas require very less diluted fertilizers and little water. All the more, grasses are not great feeders. Over-stuffing wilt the grass blades. Over use of chemical fertilizers may lead to probable leaching. This would lead to disrupt the aeration and water seepage of the lawn.

Do not burden the lawn with sacks of fertilizers


With the trending lawns at everyone’s space, the need to properly nurture it has also become a great responsibility. To maintain a lawn is not very difficult. All you have to remember it a set of great advices. Having followed these tips, even your lawn will indulge in mirth. Waiting to listen from you.