15 Spooky but Cute Pudding Cups for Halloween Kids Party

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Halloween is quickly turning out to be the favourite holiday for everyone. From going to trick or treating to wearing those scary costumes to decorating your home in a scary way to even hosting Halloween themed parties, it’s all so much fun. If you are planning a Halloween Party for your kid and their friends then you need to know that kids love it when their party food is scary.

A scary party food will make them remember this party forever. You can make some Mummy hotdogs or Cool and spooky bento boxes which are filled with all spooky stuff. You can also bake a Ghost cake and some Halloween Sugar cookies for your Kids. You can make some scary looking Pudding cups for your Kids Party.

You can decorate these Halloween themed Pudding cups in a spooky way using some cream frosting and sugar powder. Making eyes of ghosts or Monsters is so easy with just some icing. You could also make skeletons or Scary Pumpkins on pudding cups.

Here are some more cute but spooky Pudding cups ideas for you to check out.

Cute Pudding Cups for Halloween Kids Party

Bat Pudding Cups. Recipe via sweetphi.com

Bat Pudding Cups.

Boo-nana Chocolate Pudding Cups. Recipe via snackpack.com

Boo-nana Chocolate Pudding Cups.

Ghost In Graveyard Pudding Cups. Recipe via blogniako.blogspot.com

Ghost In Graveyard Pudding Cups.

Graveyard Pudding Cups. Recipe via snackpack.com

Graveyard Pudding Cups.

Jack-O-Lantern’s Pudding Cups. Recipe via yummymummykitchen.com

Jack-O-Lantern’s Pudding Cups.

Jello Eyeballs Pudding Cups. Recipe via babylovingmama.com

Jello Eyeballs Pudding Cups.

Melting Witch Pudding Cups. Recipe via pillsbury.com

Melting Witch Pudding Cups.

Monster Pudding Cups. Recipe via  melskitchencafe.com

Monster Pudding Cups.

Pumpkins Under Full Moon Pudding Cups. Recipe via bubblynaturecreations.com

Pumpkins Under Full Moon Pudding Cups.

Spider Eggs Pudding Cups. Recipe via  boulderlocavore.com

Spider Eggs Pudding Cups.

Spooky Oreo Eyeballs Pudding Cups. Recipe via snackpack.com

Spooky Oreo Eyeballs Pudding Cups.

Worms In Dirt Pudding Cups. Recipe via eatatallies.com

Worms In Dirt Pudding Cups.

Zombie Hand Pudding Cup. Recipe via babylovingmama.com

Zombie Hand Pudding Cup.

Zombie Pudding Cups. Recipe via handmadeintheheartland.com

Zombie Pudding Cups.

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