20 Spooky Halloween Bento recipes

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Halloween lunch boxes should always be spooky. In fact I think to really get your kid into the Halloween spirit you could make his lunch boxes for October a little spooky and interesting so that he is so excited to open it up and then share it with his pals. Halloween Bento boxes should include Mummy Hot Dogs or Fruit snack Monsters.

You can also pack in some Halloween cookies in it. You can really decorate some Sandwiches into monster shapes. You could get a Ghost cookie cutter and cut your Sandwiches in Ghost shapes. You can also shape Sandwiches in Pumpkin shapes and make a goofy face of it with some olives. It’s so much fun when you see your Bento boxes that are filled with amazing and exciting stuffs like these. You feel so much happy.

Halloween is the best holiday of all days and when it’s Halloween season, such spooky recipes are all you need to surprise and bring a smile on the faces of People. Listed below are more such ideas. So, if you are looking for Spooky Bento recipes for Halloween, you can find the ideas below.

Spooky Halloween Bento recipes

Batty Bento. Recipe via bentolunch.net

Batty Bento.

Black Cat Bento. Recipe via blogs.kqed.org

Black Cat Bento.

Corn Dracula Bento. Recipe via lunchboxdad.com

Corn Dracula Bento.

Double Skull Bento. Recipe via happylittlebento.blogspot.com

Double Skull Bento.

Dracula Bento. Recipe via aibento.net

Dracula Bento.

Fingers And Eyeballs Bento. Recipe via bentoformygirls.blogspot.com

Fingers And Eyeballs Bento.

Frankenstein And Mummy Bento. Recipe via littlemissbento.com

Frankenstein And Mummy Bento.

Frankenstein Sandwich Bento. Recipe via kitchenfunwithmy3sons.com

Frankenstein Sandwich Bento.

Ghost Rice Ball Bento. Recipe via cutefoodforkids.com

Ghost Rice Ball Bento.

Haunted House Bento. Recipe via lianmamabento.blogspot.com

Haunted House Bento.

Jack-O-Lanten Balls Bento. Recipe via en.cookpad.com

Jack-O-Lanten Balls Bento.

Jack-O-Lantern And Ghost Bento. Recipe via blogher.com

Jack-O-Lantern And Ghost Bento.

Mickey And Minnie Halloween Bento. Recipe via bentomonsters.com

Mickey And Minnie Halloween Bento.

Mummy Sandwich Bento. Recipe via eatsamazing.co.uk

Mummy Sandwich Bento.

Mummy Sausage Bento. Recipe via happylittlebento.blogspot.com

Mummy Sausage Bento.

Rice Frankenstein Bento. Recipe via aibento.net

Rice Frankenstein Bento.

Spooky Cemetery Bento. Recipe via hungrygowhere.com

Spooky Cemetery Bento.

The Ghosts of Quail Egg Past. Recipe via aibento.net

The Ghosts of Quail Egg Past.

Witch And Ninja Bentos. Recipe via bentosonthebayou.com

Witch And Ninja Bentos.

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