Things To Remember For Terrace Garden

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A wonderful terrace garden, is like a green crown over the house. Building a garden terrace is no big deal. You can grow various plants and flowers at the terrace. From the various coloured hibiscus to the beautiful bougainvillea, every flower can be cultured at the terrace. The most important thing regarding the garden terrace is to grow plants and trees which love bright sunlight. The garden terrace plants should be heat resistant. Nowadays, almost every terrace gets decorated by beautiful gardens.

Things To Remember For Garden Terrace

Some even go to bring more uniqueness in the terrace. They try introducing hanging planters from the varies hooks of the sloping sheet of the roof tops. All the more, many people are there who cannot afford to have a large sprawling garden in front of the house. Hence, they can lovingly design a garden terrace with absolute ease.

The 5 most important things for garden terrace

Bring small pots

While growing plants at the terrace, bring small containers and planters. No one can have large and wide gardens. Hence, small pots and planters can easily fit in everywhere. Either you can line the pots on the terrace rails or can simply design them on the floor. Moreover, the large planters will not only occupy more space but will also put more pressure on the terrace.

Bring small pots

While buying the pots, try bringing those which are made of thick plastic. You can use your old, used jam jars or the used plastic bottles for garden terrace.

You can add hanging planters

With the floor pots, terrace garden can be equally decorated with beautiful hanging planters. the hanging planters ought to be light; hence buy plastic ones only. If the hooking points for hanging the planters are really strong, you can go for some light ceramic planters as well.

The hanging planters can be hung in chained fashion; one linked to the other. You can use old broken furniture as well to grow plants. At times, it is also good to grow a variety of plants in small pots; then place them collectively in a large shallow drum. The drum can then be put at the centre and can be decorated with various ornamental creepers.

You can add hanging planters

In the hanging planters, try growing plants which are light like lettuce and curry leaves. Cherry tomatoes and bitter gourds can also be grown if pruned and trimmed properly.

Plants that can be grown in the terrace garden

The terrace gardens are wonderful options for organic farming. Even with limited space, you can grow Lettuce, Radish, Lady’s Fingers and tomatoes will ease. While sowing the seeds and the bulbs of the terrace garden plants, try to grow the perennial ones. It is needless to say that a wide range of plants can be grown at the terrace like Begonia, Rosemary, Lime, Radish, Weeping Fig, Jade plant, and Boston Fern to name a few.

Plants that can be grown in the terrace garden

While growing the creeper-based veggies, provide proper vertical support. The veggies can be particularly grown in wide wooden tumblers and at a height. The veggies might also demand some specific hours of shade. Balance the light and shade well.

Grow plants that are heat resistant

The most important part of growing flowers and plants at the terrace is to check whether they are heat resistant or not. All types of succulents, crotons, roses and lilies can be easily grown at the terrace garden. These plants absolutely love to be bathed in sunshine.

However, do not keep the plants too much in the sun, extra heat can cause the wilting of the leaves. With heat, the plants growing in the terrace garden should also be not too tender as to not be able to resist the sudden winds.

Regularly water the terrace plants

As the garden at the terrace will always be underneath the sun, hence, can run into the risk of drying out. The plants like Hydrangeas, Marigolds, rubber plants and Bougainvillea need ample water. In general, almost all the plants in the garden terrace will need regular watering.

Regularly water the terrace plants

Never water the plants in the broad daylight; that is in the noon. Watering in the scorching noon will lead to more transpiration. The plants an also wither away at the extreme cases. Early morning watering and the evening sprinkling are the best. If regular watering gets tedious, you can always resort to water feeders.


Since, you can introduce greenery to every inch of your home, why should you leave the terrace? Terrace fortunately is a great place for gardening and hang outs. It is always delighting to go for evening walk in between the colourful flowers and plants at the terrace. Just stay alert not to get tripped off.

Hopefully, these aspects regarding terrace garden will help you too in culturing one of your own.