What Are The Most Important Advices To Remember While Encouraging Tomato Plantation In India?

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Tomatoes are an extremely important and a common vegetable. From salads to curries and from chutneys to red sauce pastas, tomatoes seem to be an irresistible ingredient in the meals. The versatility of tomatoes is also huge. It can be smashed and can be duly used in purees or can simply be chopped into sleek slices.

Over the years, the need and the popularity of the crop has seen a steady rise. The tomato plant being very high in demand are also being grown excessively all over the country. The production of the tomato plant has been increased by a large extent. The plant is not a tough one to grow and culture. They can be grown even in the houses in the tumblers or in wasted wagons. Usually, the variety of cherry tomatoes are grown at homes.

Advices To Remember While Encouraging Tomato Plantation In India

The tomatoes have been seen to be extremely nutritious. They are good for the eyes and contain high level of antioxidants. They are very enriching for glowing skin. To grow and to consequently harvest these plants, the farmers ought to be careful thoroughly. The tomatoes need to be harvest just on time and any delay in the process might welcome pests and diseases.

Here in, this article will try to bring to the readers, the most important ways to grow and harvest the tomato plants. The tomato plantation that has been mentioned here in is the common one found in India which is usually done manually or with the least assistance of machinery.

Tips for Tomato Plantations in India

1. Lay out the bed for the tomato plant in the most careful manner

It is very true that the growing of the tomatoes is easy yet the processes that go before the growth is extremely tedious. Likewise, laying out the tomato seed beds is very vital and a very delicate manner. The soil ought to be tilled very well and should be aligned in rows. The seeds then need to be placed into the soil. The range of temperature is kept between 12 degree Celsius and 13 degree Celsius. If the temperature of the soil is maintained withing this limit, then the seeds might germinate very fast. Within a period of a week, the seeds will start germinating. However, the farmers need to remember that if the soil temperature runs below the given temperature, then the seeds will never germinate rather will become dormant.

Lay out the bed for the tomato plant in the most careful manner

To collect transplants of this tomato crop, then the plants ought to be given time to grow up to a height of at least 15 cm to 20 cm. These transplants can then be planted one at a time. With the help of at least 30 litres of substrate, these transplants can be grown in tumblers. All the more, the farmers need to leave out broad sunny patches for the tomato plants. These plants need lost of sunshine in the growing stage. However, excess and direct sunlight can wilt the leaves easily. So, a balance in the sunshine need to be carried out.

2. How and when to gather tomato seeds to grow plants in the coming season?

While growing tomatoes in one particular season, the farmers need to be alert and be smart enough to gather the seeds well within time to get them germinated for the upcoming season. The tomato seeds need to be collected just prior to the harvest season. To plant the tomato seeds, the farmers need to do so either in the mid of the winters or in the later part of the winters.

When the seeds tend to germinate, the plants need to be slowly shifted into the sunlit patches. Tomatoes can be grown vertically as well. Well, it is important to know that the expanse of the canopy of the plants does not depend upon the seed type. To prepare the plants to grow in a vertical direction, the plants need to be constantly pruned and need to be supported with sticks or rods vertically.

tomato seeds to grow plants in the coming season

3. What are the ways to begin with the tomato planting?

The tips to start the tomato plantations are given below –

  • The sunny spot needs to booked for the tomato plants
  • The transplants or the seeds needs to be planted deep in the broad (of at least 60cm to 70 cm) containers. Then, these containers need to be placed at a distance of 1 meter.
  • To transfer the plants into the soil, the transplants need to be soaked in water at first. Then, with the entire root mesh, the plants need to be taken out and then planted in the soil.
  • Tighten the soil and water the pits where the transplants were added.