What Are The Various Common Smart Agriculture Solutions For The Farmers In India?

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The farmers in India undergo rigorous work and everyday toil to raise the required amount of crops for the people. The need for the crops are increasing at a faster rate. To cope up with the present day scenario, the farmers are being supported with various technologies and with various scientific means.

In the initial days of the farming, all the processes of the farming were done manually since, the stretch of the farm lands was not much nor was the high demand of the crops. However, with time, the farmers have been burdened heavily with the need to grow more and more with the least amount of resources available. By resources, the farmers are not only left with water shortage concerns, reduced fertile soil and definitely the degraded seeds which are available.

Smart Agriculture Solutions For The Farmers

Even in such trying and equally tiring times, the farmers are still working day in and day out to constantly cater to the people of the country. To help them in such dire conditions, various smart agricultural solutions have come to the surface. Well, here in, with great detail, we have brought to you, various ways by which the farmers can make use of the smart Agri solutions to reduce the burden on the field and on the farmers at large.

Smart Agriculture Solutions for the farmers

1) Agri bots are the most important smart agricultural solutions which help in the upgrading process of the farming in India

The farmers need to at first prepare the soil and the tilling process is extremely tiring. The digging of the soil and consequent seeding of the farm lands are also equally tiring. It has been seen that over the years, the farmers make use of tractors to not only prepare the soil but also use them to haul other machines which help in planting the seeds. The combine tractors are used in harvesting the crops as well. These tractors had cabins where in the drivers could drive the tractors all across the field.

With the advancing technology, the tractors are getting automated. By the prime automation of the tractors, the farmers are relieved of their burden to some extent and in the meanwhile, they can tend to other processes in the field. This Agri bot is a fine set up which not only helps in making use of time very efficiently but is also cheaper. So, these solutions can be very easily be procured by the farmers to make use of the farm processes. This use of the machine helps in the increased productivity and also the increased capacity of the work.

2) The smart water solution to protect the farmers from the weather abnormalities

It is very common and extremely sorrowful, that each time, there is a natural calamity, the agricultural sector gets the biggest blow. Be it a drought or a hurricane, the farmers are the worst affected. However, though the fields get destroyed by a huge magnitude yet the pressure on the fields due to the constant demand for extra food never reduces even by an inch.

To cope up with these problematic situations, the farmers try to conserve water through the processes of rain water harvesting and also by making use of community ponds. Over the years, the use of sprinkler irrigation system and the drip irrigation system have helped the farmers a lot in the irrigation of the yields and also in the efficient use of the water resources. In India, under various companies, the method of smart water irrigation has begun.

These smart techniques make use of Internet of Things (IoT) to make way for the distribution of water all over the fields. The irrigation systems come equipped with sensors which at first report the present moisture level of the soil and then starting injecting the necessary water into the soil. It is very important to remember that the irrigation ought to eb efficient. Since, with the extra dose of water, the roots of the plants may get clogged or may make way for more and more weeds.

3) The smart livestock monitoring has emerged as yet another important smart agricultural solutions

To keep a steady income even during the sudden instances of natural calamities, the farmers develop spaces of livestock and cattle rearing. However, many a times, due to the losing of the animals during the grazing, the farmers bear a heavy loss. So, by the methods of smart livestock monitoring, the farmers can easily keep a track of the cattle by hanging GPS tags. Moreover, through this smart solution even the estimated produce of the cattle can also be calculated. Thereby, helping the farmers in gaining high profits.