3 Major Ways To Become A Smart Farmer In India

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The agriculture is a major sector in a developing nation like India. It plays a crucial role in generating high revenue for both the domestic market and also for the overseas market . Owing to extra pressure of the population, the resources are fast depleting . The concerned farmers over the years have tried to implement various ways by which they can raise more and more crops with the minimal amount of resources available to them . To make use of the incentives and of the resources to their optimal level, it is very important for the farmers to make use of some smart techniques.

The farmers should remember not to waste any patch of land and should not waste the available resources like the water and the fertile soil. Through various measures like the rain water harvesting and by the drip irrigation system, the farmers can easily conserve water for their future work in the fields . To make proper use of the soil and to earn high profits, the farmers can continue with laying out the soil for multiple crops . Apart from the crops which are involved in catering to the domestic needs, the farmers can make use of cash crops too to make further way for high profits and heavy income.

Smart Farmer In India

To make lesser monetary wastage, the farmers over the years have resorted to organic manure, thereby cutting the cost of buying heavy chemical fertilizers for the various plants . Here in, we have chalked out the various ways by which one can become a smart farmer while working in the fields.

How to efficiently upgrade into a smart farmer in India ?

1) Do not use a variety of machines for the same purpose

To make efficient use of the land, the farmers should be capable enough of choosing the right machine. The most important factor of using the machinery is to keep machines which can do multiple works at the same time . Likewise, the harvesters have become increasingly popular owing to the various works that they can perform.

The combine harvester can be used for performing three most vital tasks on the field . Like, they can be used for winnowing, reaping and threshing. They can be used for the entire complex process of harvesting in the fields . The harvester being enough powerful to carry out three major functions makes the machine load in the field far lesser.

With the lesser machines working on the field, the productivity also increases tremendously. This harvester can replace the usage of various agricultural tools like tractors or Sievers or ploughs . The cost which is incurred upon buying so many varieties of machines for the different types of works in the field can be easily consumed into the combine harvester . All the more, the cost of the harvester is not more or to say it is much lesser than the combined cost of the various other machines used in the processes of winnowing, reaping and threshing .

2) The farmer should be aware of the various new agricultural information

Simply working on the field with the advanced machinery will not necessarily transform a farmer into a smart farmer. The farmers should be receptive to all forms of agricultural news . They ought to be aware of the new seeds and should also know the resistant crops that are available in the market .

Through the various digital platforms and through the web applications, the farmers should keep in mind all the necessary weather reports as well . The farmer should equip himself well with the newly implemented incentives or the Government schemes . Through the soil analysis and soil testing, the farmers should constantly keep themselves updated with the health conditions of the soil.

3) Try out ways to make a steady income even during natural hazards

It is needless to mention that each time a natural calamity occurs, the most heavily destructed arena is the agricultural sector. So, to maintain a steady income, the farmers should always keep handy a side business. To become a smart farmer, a balanced income and profit margin is necessary. Besides the large field growing crops, the farmers can make for poultry business for eggs and meat or can make way for livestock business for milk. The farmers should be aware of growing various cash crops as well within the green houses . Apart from these, even at home, the farmers can grow various flowers like gerbera that involved high monetary benefit throughout the year.


With the mentioned ways, it will be easier for the farmers in India to become smart farmers thereby, stabilizing their income facilities.