What Are The Major Farm Practices For A Profitable Farming?

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Farming or agriculture forms the major sector of earning and sustenance in any economy. The sector of farming provides a source of income to a major portion of the population. With the growing population, the demand for agriculture product is also increasing at a steady pace. But with the growing population, the availability of land is decreasing which is in turn increasing the pressure on available agricultural land.

Therefore, farmers are looking forward to efficient methods and possible techniques that can help in growing more from the available land. With the interest of growing more, farmers had at many instances resorted to chemical fertilizers which though increased productivity in the short time but actually adversely affected in the long run.

Major Farm Practices For A Profitable Farming

So, this in turn will further reduce the availability of land and damage productivity. Therefore, the farmers need to practice techniques which will make way for a profitable farming. These techniques will help in increasing the farm’s productivity while maintaining the fertility and not adversely affecting them in any way. Here in we will list down different major farm practices that will help the farmers to make way for a profitable farming, with proper details.

Important farm practices that will help the farmers to make way for a profitable farming

1. The farmers should implement crop rotation to enhance productivity organically

It has been seen, that by growing just one kind of crop in the field for a long time, the field tends to lose its inherent fertility which adversely affects the productivity. By using the method of crop rotation, the farmers can grow alternative leguminous plants so that they not only infuse nitrogen in the soil but also help in binding the soil better. It is very important that no two heavy crops should be grown consecutively.

Likewise, the farmers can for instance grow tomatoes for a season and then might start growing a forage crop. The forage crop helps in binding the soil while the root nodules help in fixing nitrogen to the soil. Moreover, while preparing the soil for the next crop, these forage crop can be mixed into the soil. Mixing the forage crop into the soil also helps in increasing the organic content in the soil. The forage crops also prevent weed growth and thus reduces the need for manual labour and chemical weedicides.

2. Encourage different organic means of extra income along side your farming practices

The farming till date stands out to be a vulnerable juncture of income earning sector due to the weather abnormalities . To make way for some extra income to help in the profitable , the farmers can encourage Agro forestry . By the method of Agro forestry , the farmers can easily get an additional income through timber and also by sending raw materials to the pulp industry.

extra income along side your farming practices

Meanwhile, by the planting and by the subsequent maintenance of the forest canopy, the farmers will also help in bringing about an ecological balance – both soil and water. With farming, side by side, the farmers can also make space for livestock raising. From selling the milk to the meat or the eggs, the farmers will indeed benefit a lot from it. Moreover, the by products of the farming can be used as fodder for the animals and the by products of the animals can be in turn be used as the effective manure. Apart from these, the farmers can try raising some exotic fruits as well by raising orchards.

3. Harvesting and storing are equally important like the planting and the sowing of the crops

There ought not be any delay in the harvesting of the crops. At times even delaying in the harvest process can also damage the quality and the quantity of the crops. Usually, when the crops are left behind for too long, they tend to get attacked by rodents and also by a variety of pests. Once, the harvest is done, the best of the crops should be stored well for future selling. The crops ought to be dried well and should be stored in clean and sterilised containers. Better the storage and packing stuff, better will the crops. These stored crops can yield extra income for the farmers in the off season.

Hopefully, by sticking to these mentioned farm practices, the farmers can indeed pave way for profitable farming.